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  We are team The Typing Tales, digital marketing agency in baner greeting you here. Developed around the power of AI marketing we are pioneers in the marketing industry having prominent functioning in Social media marketing, Ad strategy and content marketing services. We operate in generic industries providing services across the globe.
  We write what sells, market the way social media demands and strategize in a way that businesses grow. 380+ clients have received their services successfully over our operating period. Maintaining the highly appreciated charge sheet for our services provided we are preferred economic and quality-based service providers.
   You can surely expect the best assistance customizing your package; attractive discounts running all over the services are appreciated by our clients. We have been humbly showcasing the above satisfactory results, providing 365 days of 24/7 global connect and support. We have a prominent influencer connected with a high conversion rate and lead generation results, preferred across all industries! Consultations are nonchargeable so freely connect with the sales team and get your queries resolved today.

Industry Pioneers & active service providers for


CONTENT WRITING | Content writer in pune

website content writing in baner

Website content writing

Your website's ranking on google and its message delivery is dependent on the content provided. Sales oriented subtle marketing content tone is practiced by us.


SEO content writing

Be it a dynamic or static website we understand the consumer psychology and tap the right keywords which further led you to sales upliftment and client conversation


Blog Writing

The vital part of ranking a website on google includes blog writing. We are a pioneer in it and the market appreciates our on-time delivery of the blogs required.


Company profile writing 

We enhance your brand image and portray the various aspects of the company. Your brand message and product positioning are very well showcased by us hence enhancing the company positioning.

 digital marketing agency in baner

Social media content providing’s 

We have creative heads at typing tales who according to your need, develop original content. Company or business professionals be it any one we are capable of producing high quality content and understanding the media fanatics well!

Professional article writing in baner

Professional article writing 

Online article publishing or offline article publishing we have expertise in both! Target audiences of all age groups are understood well by us and tap their inquisitive strategy well.

Advertisement copywriting in baner


We are ad script providers to marketing agencies and all your creative script development will be fulfilled here.



We actively provide these factors

  • Free content writer
  • Hd graphics
  • Viral marketing
  • Influencer Collab
  • Lead generation
  • Media strategy
  • Rigorous content posting
  • Flooded account reach
  • Organic likes and followers uplifting
  • Come and experience new age AI centric social media marketing with us!

One of our hot-selling packages are from social media marketing services.

Platform specific social media management- Many companies getting associated with us wanted to focus more on one or two social media platforms, considering this we have now started with platform specific social media management services. It’s economical in nature and focus centric too.

Social media advertisement - Many products or service-oriented companies opt for this service. Social media is a global platform and the audience present here is humongous. We advertise on these social media platforms and attain sales conversations successfully.

Social Media campaign - If you have an existing social media presence but want to oomph up the game then we are here to do it the best way! We have expertise in running campaign over different media channel's.



Product strategy

Every product needs its own unique product placement strategy and we make the launch hit and create a buzz around it for quickly sold-outs.


Sales Booster

Google ads and internet marketing ads are strategized and successfully run by us. Existing products face low selling graphs and its, we who take account of boosting the sales and analyzing what exactly is holding back the sales numbers.

google ads marketing


Small scale companies, new launched businesses are provided branding by us hence creating, uplifting and maintaining the brand. It’s a full blown process requiring hands on expertise which we offer the best in market.

Content writer in pune

Content strategy 

Brand messages and brand positioning is a make or breakpoint for any organization. We create and place products/services by applying content based strategies; our clients have seen considerable growth by opting for content strategy!

brand creation

Brand reach 

If you are a brand and are finding that the growth of the brand has slowed down or nearly stopped after a certain reach, this is the right service choice for you. We have provided our clients with huge brand reach and are one of the best in business currently!


  • Research oriented planning
  • Industry exposure & influencer contacts
  • Non-traditional AI marketing.
  • Global exposure
  • We understand and follow deadlines
  • Sales focused content. this list might go on, but how about our work speak to you and your valuable clients?


1. Are there additional charges for revisions?  
  • Client satisfaction is our topmost priority hence two revisions after final reading are provided by us free of cost.
2Why are there no price displayed on this page?  
  • We highly believe in customized services as the business need of one client are surely different from the other, a uniform rate cannot be published due to this reason.
3How long does the strategies take to perform?  
  • Market is a volatile place and hence every industry requires its own time frame.
4Are the consultations chargeable?  
  • No consultations are not chargeable
5Can we pay in installments?  
  • Yes, two installments accepted.

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